Vale's Story:

Vale is a guy who went to a party, but he forgot the beer. He heads back, trying to get it. His sister told him a 'Shortcut' to get there quicker. On his way, he sees someone on the road, but then it vanishes. Not many seconds later, a zombie comes out of nowhere and he hits it, creating a car crash. His car is unknown but he is left in a forest. He must survive from the creatures that lurk the forest. Gathering food, water, defense and so, he tries to find his way out of there, and go back home.

(I am still playing, so stay tight while I figure out the next person's story! Thank you!)

Eva's story is pretty much the same, she goes looking for Vale and crashes into a zombie, she has to survive the woods until she can repair the drill to escape the forest, only to find a sad sight when she gets out...

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