Mosquitoes are an environmental hazard encountered when your character is asleep in the Shelter at night. Mosquitoes do not drain your Health or otherwise harm your character. Their sole function is to cause your character to wake up from sleep. They are invisible, but your character will remark upon not being able to sleep due to being bitten by Mosquitoes if awoken by them.

There are several options for dealing with Mosquitoes. These options are presented in descending order of preference:

  • Upgrade your Shelter to Level 3. This will effectively remove Mosquitoes from the game, and is the only permanent solution.
  • Ignore them. If mosquitoes wake up your character, nothing prevents you from sending him or her back to sleep again immediately. The game does not separately track your need to sleep, so you can be woken up by mosquitoes multiple times during the night and suffer no ill effects.
  • Sleep during the day. Mosquitoes seem to appear only at night, so if you sleep during the day and are active at night, you may be able to avoid Mosquitoes entirely.
  • Build a Campfire. A lit Campfire will keep the Mosquitoes away while you sleep. This option is low on the list because the Campfire is a Resource drain.
  • Never sleep. It is entirely possible to play through Alone: Zombiewoods without ever having your character sleep. This will drain your Food and Healing Supplies, though, and is, therefore, not recommended.
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