Four different ingredients can be found in Alone: Zombiewoods. Like other games, these ingredients are used to repair parts of the Campsite, upgrade Campsite features, upgrade your Tools, and craft new things. Ingredients must first be harvested from certain in-game locations, and the requisite amount must be held in the Inventory before you can make use of them. The ingredients in the game include:

Wood Edit

By far the easiest ingredient to find, wood comes from trees. The trees in the game produce varying amounts of wood, with the tall trees producing the most and bamboo producing the least. To harvest wood, you will need to have the Axe equipped in one of your Tool Slots. To start harvesting wood, approach a tree until the Interaction Menu appears, then click on the Chop Wood icon, or press the corresponding hotkey. Your character will stand next to the tree with his/her axe at the read, and a minigame will appear. To start the minigame, click the left mouse button or press space on the keyboard. This will send a marker spinning around a multi-colored circle. The objective is to stop the marker when it is over the green part of the circle, or as close as possible. This will result in a perfect hit. Perfect hits earn you more wood per chop.

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