Controls in this game are fairly straightforward, and involve the use of your keyboard and mouse.

A and D or Left and Right Arrow Keys: move your character left and right, respectively.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Keys: interact with objects. The option to interact with an object, along with what pressing each key will do, will appear on your screen when your character is standing in a location where it can interact with an object.

Q and E Keys: attack using the Equipment Item equipped in the left Equipment Slot and right Equipment Slot, respectively. You can only attack using certain Equipment Items. If you have equipped an Equipment Item that is unable to be used as a weapon, pressing the key for that equipment slot will do nothing.

P key: pressing this key once will pause the game and open the Pause Menu. Pressing this key while the Pause Menu is open will close the Pause Menu and unpause the game.

Left Mouse Button (Left-Click): the mouse is used for various purposes throughout the game, including:

  1. Using or discarding items in your inventory. To use or discard an inventory item, click on the item. A window above your inventory will pop up. See Inventory for further information.
  2. Doing the following unique things in the HUD: Opening the Stat Point window, allotting stat points, interacting with the Collector Book and Wilderness Survival Guide, turning the music and/or sound on and off by clicking the icons in the top right hand corner of the HUD, selecting options in the Pause Menu.
  3. Playing the various minigames.
  4. As alternatives to certain hotkeys. When the interact with object menu pops up on screen, you can click on the on-screen icon to perform an action instead of pressing the corresponding key on the keyboard. You can also click on the Equipment Items you have equipped to use them instead of pressing the Q or E keys. Finally, you can pause and unpause the game by clicking the pause button in the upper right-hand corner.
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